Truck Driver Training

TLIC3004 Drive heavy vehicle

Course code: TLIC3004

  • TLIC3004 Drive heavy vehicle

To meet the specific needs of this UoC individuals must be able to demonstrate competence in:

  • Applying precautions and required action to minimise, control or eliminate identified hazards
  • Carrying out pre-operational checks
  • Completing relevant documentation
  • Demonstrating low-risk driving behaviours
  • Monitoring and anticipating traffic hazards and taking appropriate action
  • Monitoring performance of vehicle and its equipment, and taking appropriate action as required
  • Operating and adapting to differences in equipment in accordance with operating procedures
  • Reading and interpreting relevant instructions, procedures, information and signs
  • Reporting and/or rectifying identified problems, faults or malfunctions promptly, in accordance with regulatory requirements and workplace procedures

Additionally, have a demonstrated knowledge of:

  • The causes and effects of fatigue on drivers
  • The differences between transmission types
  • Driving hazards and related defensive driving techniques
  • Efficient driving techniques
  • Engine power management and safe driving strategies
  • Factors that increase fatigue-related accidents
  • Factors that may cause traffic delays and diversions, and related action that can be taken
  • Fatigue management strategies and on-road techniques
  • Heavy rigid vehicle controls, instruments and indicators, and their use
  • Heavy rigid vehicle handling procedures
  • Lifestyles that promote the effective long-term fatigue management
  • Pre-operational checks carried out on heavy rigid vehicle and related action
  • Principles of operation of air brakes and procedures for their use
  • Principles of stress management when driving a vehicle
  • Procedures to be followed in a driving emergency
  • Relevant state/territory road traffic authority road rules, regulations, permit and licence requirements
  • Relevant work health and safety (WHS)/occupational health and safety (OHS) and environmental procedures and regulations
  • Workplace driving and operational instructions

Group Size:

1 on 1


8 Hours


Onsite or at our training facility


Corporate course Over WA

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  • Parking is available on site
  • Tea & coffee is provided
  • What to wear: Closed toe shoes and clothing that may get dirty
  • What to bring: Pen and paper

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