We may not change the world, but we can help change yours….

Help Me Claim is led by a long-standing team of professionals with over 30 years combined experience in the life insurance industry.

We have indepth insurance knowledge and experience, and are passionate about finding solutions for your situation whatever the cause.

Josh Stone

Josh has over a decade of experience dealing with life insurance and life risk advice.  His years of experience have provided quality claims assistance to clients from varying backgrounds.
Josh has first-hand knowledge of the claims process, having had to make a claim himself. He uses his past experience to better assist you, he understands the process, Josh knows what is involved.

Ray Stone

With over 30 years’ experience in the “Risk”industry, Ray specialises in life insurance claims. His no nonsense attitude has uncovered countless instances where clients, unaware they could make a claim, have successfully claimed.

Melissa Purslowe

Melissa understands that when a loved one is struck down by a significant illness, there are no words for the emotional and financial burden that is now your reality. Having personally endured this circumstance, Melissa knows that having support and people to turn to that help, make all the difference in your world.