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For Sufferers of Diabetes &
Metabolic Syndrome Disorders

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Nutraceutical Formulas

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Nutraceutical Formulas


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cutting-edge nutraceuticals

PURELIFE focuses on the development of cutting-edge nutraceuticals focused on nutragenomic activity- nutrient gene interactions utilizing global genetic science.

Powerful health building components

PURELIFE has the most powerful health building components in the world. Our Science bridges the discordance between our ancient, genetic determined biology, and the health needs of today.

Immunity Support for Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome.

PURELIFE’s proprietary , patent pending nutraceutical formulas boost the immune system of those whose defenses have been weakened by health issues associated with Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome.

Latest Reviews

“I have suffered from Type 2 diabetes for over 15 years, and have had kidney failure for just over 2 years and am currently a dialysis patient.

In 2017, after hearing and reading about the product I decided to give it a go as there would be no loss in trialling it. Although I wasn’t using the product religiously, I had noticed a change in my energy levels and the product has helped push through the illnesses that have overcome the body. As I am not the type to take medication frequently, I realised that the Pangea program was the only real nutrition I was putting in my body and has since then done miraculous things for my health.”

- M . E - K

“I’m a Type 2 diabetic and also suffered from high blood pressure. In March 2017 I had my toe amputated due to my diabetes. 14 days after my toe amputation I met Mr. Alfreddy Johnson (Minister from Los Angeles) who introduced me to PURELIFE products which I had then trialled for 45 days. Within the 45 days I had seen a massive decrease in my blood sugar levels, had gained more energy and no longer had high blood pressure issues. After noticing my results I decided to become Director and Distributor for PURELIFE products for Australia and New Zealand to help others.”


“I’m a young athlete and wanted to try the product to see how it would affect my athletic performance and ability. Since starting the product in September 2018 I have been feeling a lot more energised and just feeling better physically as well.”

- T . E

“I have an abscess on a nerve around my kidney and liver area which has caused issues with my metabolism. I had decided to trial the product as it was recommended to me by a family member and since then I had noticed a huge change inmy energy levels and was able to be more productive with my day.”

- S . K